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Who We Are...

Worldwide Cinnamon Exporters Pvt Ltd is a leading cinnamon grower and exporter located in the southern region of Sri Lanka. We have established a firm reputation as a high quality cinnamon producer and exporter with over two decades of hands-on experience maintaining our own plantations together with our own state-of the art factory and packaging plant. Use of high-end cinnamon processing technologies have enabled us to produce the finest cinnamon, while restoring the aroma, flavor and valuable medicinal properties unique to down south Sri Lankan cinnamon. It is believed that the tropical climatic conditions and the soil setting of the southern Sri Lankan belt have directly resulted in the superior quality of the Cinnamon produced here.


 Furthermore, Worldwide Cinnamon Exporters Pvt Ltd is dedicated to ensure that we cater the needs of our global client base timely, at competitive prices with superior customer service.


What makes us different...

Worldwide Cinnamon Exporters Pvt Ltd has the additional advantage of sourcing our cinnamon from our own plantations and processing at our own factory in order to have direct control over high quality, freshness, availability and competitive price. We employ a well trained and experienced work force in both traditional and latest technical processing methods to help us deliver on-schedule. Adding further value is the innovative range of products and dependable customer service, all conveniently available under one roof.


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